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What does a typical Sportsmen’s Dinner look like?

By definition sportsmen like to visually enjoy the outdoors, therefore some type of outdoor display that fits with your speaker’s expertise is important to attract and engage your target audience. The alternative is having a few hundred sportsmen standing around waiting for the dinner to begin and getting anxious to “get going or get home”.  When they have something to view that will spark conversation with the others in attendance time passes quicker, more memories are made, and traditions begin.  Enjoying a great meal, having a chance to win some prizes, seeing a few of America’s largest whitetail ever taken, and hearing a fascinating presentation by an accomplished sportsman will keep them coming back year after year.  The need for your main speaker or presenter to be passionate and knowledgeable on the outdoor topic and gifted in weaving God’s word and the gospel into the presentation is essential to the evening’s success. If an opportunity for sportsmen to receive Christ is offered, it is crucial to have follow up plans and an opportunity for discipleship avenues in place in the following weeks and months.


With that thought, what are the first things your team needs to consider?

1)    What are we trying to accomplish with our event?

2)    Who is our targeted audience?

3)    Who is going to be the key-note speaker?

4)    What team leaders do I need to make this a success without burn-out?

5)    How many guests can our facility handle?

6)    Is this going to be a “Bring a dish to pass” or are we preparing the food?

Trophies of Grace can help you walk through some or all of these questions, and the multitude of questions that these will lead to.  Our team is made up of volunteers that have been leading sportsmen’s dinner since 2006, serving upwards of 10,000 sportsmen.  We have guys with expertise in event development, display set-up, food preparation, speaker selection and prizes collection & distribution.  Below are some pictures from events we have been involved with.

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