neil morin buck

The Neil Morin Buck

Alberta, Canada, 1991

279 6/8” Non-Typical Gun

It was a typical Saturday morning in November. Neil Morin was only 17 years old and had to decide if he was going to hunt for the big buck that he had been seeing or go to the city with his parents. Since the gun season in Alberta lasted for 2 ½ months he decided he had plenty of time to hunt the buck and went with to the city with his parents.

On the way home, as they passed the field that Neil had previously seen the buck in, Neil swore that he saw the big buck standing about ½ mile back in the field. As soon as he got home, Neil grabbed his rifle and rushed back to the field. Unfortunately, there was not a deer in sight. Neil kept scanning the field in hopes that the big buck would appear again. Neil noticed a small clump of willow brush that seemed out of place and decided to sneak up on the “bush” to get a better look. After slowly sneaking to within 100 yards of the willow bush, the bush suddenly stood up! Neil dropped to the ground and watched the massive buck stretch and then lay back down. Neil continued creeping to within 30 yards of the bedded buck when the buck bolted running off at full speed. Neil took a shot and missed, but his second shot found its mark taking.

The buck Neil shot this November afternoon became Canada’s #1 Non-Typical buck.