The Knisley Buck

The Knisley Buck

Meeker county, Minnesota, 2006

216 7/8” gross 183 3/8” net. Typical

Ben Knisley was only 23 years old on the 2006 Minnesota opening day. After having no luck on the family farm that morning, Ben decided to go with his uncle Dick to some nearby property. Ben asked if he could sit his uncle’s favorite stand because there was a railing that he could use as a rest for his muzzleloader. Dick was okay his nephew hunting this stand and went off to another stand. After a few hours, Ben spotted a few does running through the woods and they kept looking back at something. Ben hoped that the “something” the does were looking back at was a buck and readied his muzzleloader for a shot. Ben intuitions were correct, but he couldn’t tell just how big the buck was. When the buck got into range Ben took aim and fired, but the buck just took off like nothing happened. Ben couldn’t believe he missed. Luckily the buck was still in range. So Ben reloaded and fired again, but the buck took off again! He couldn’t believe that he missed twice. Then with the buck just barely in range, Ben shot for a third time and the buck dropped from view. A short time later, when Ben’s uncle came to see what all the shooting was, they went to the place where he last saw the buck and sure enough the beast was lying dead noticed that all three shots hit their target!

The Knisley Buck is the world’s largest 4 x 4 framed deer! It has 13 scorable points, an inside spread of 25 3/8″, and an outside spread of 31 2/8″. It deservingly won the Buckmaster’s Golden Laurel Citation in 2008.