Illinois Roadkill

Illinois Road Kill

1965 – Randolph County, Illinois – 176 5/8″

It was a cold and misty night in November on Highway 96.  An unsuspecting motorist from Fort Madison, Iowa, had no idea what was about to happen.  Out of nowhere a huge bodied deer came running up right in front of the driver, and there was a solid thud that followed.  Jim Twitchell, an Illinois conservation officer, was called to the scene soon thereafter.  When he arrived there was a group of people just staring at the deer in absolute awe, and for good reason.

The buck had a massive rack along with a body of over 400 lbs.  The buck has an unbelievable outside spread of 31”.  The gap between the antler burrs is 3 ½” which is one the largest gaps ever seen.  His antlers weighed an amazing 11 lbs, along with having 6” bases.  He has a gross score of 202 6/8” which is totally unheard of for an 8 pointer.

The net score of this deer does not reflect the shock and awe of this rack at all.  There are several cases where this happens and this is definitely one of those cases.

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