Edmund Kopp

Manitoba, Canada, 1998 243 1/8” non-typical Gun

Manitoba, Canada, 1998
243 1/8” non-typical Gun

In the spring of 1998, a unique shed was found by farmer, Edmund Kopp of Amaranth, Manitoba. The shed was lying in his field and he found it while fertilizing. Being an avid hunter, he picked up the shed. The shed was very intriguing because it had a good deal of palmation. He didn’t think much more of the shed because he had the whole farming season work ahead of him.

In November of the same year, while Edmond was driving out to feed the cows, he spotted a buck in the field with moose like antlers. He knew that it was the same deer that dropped the shed he had found. If he was to harvest this dream buck, Edmund knew that he would need the help of his brother. After some discussion, Edmond positioned his brother to drive the deer towards him while he readied himself and his .270 rifle. Sure enough, the buck came running and when the running deer was about 220 yards away, Edmond took a shot. He missed. So he chambered another round and fired again, this time dropping the buck of a lifetime. When they walked up to the buck they had no doubt that this was the same buck that had dropped the shed. The only real difference was that the bucks rack had grown!

This buck is by far one the best examples of a palmated antler anywhere in the great whitetail world.

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